One secret to starting a blog for the first time

You’ve finally created your blog, but now all that’s missing are…the blog posts. So what do you write about? You may have a bunch of interests and don’t know what to choose. You always hear people say to pick one niche to write about and stick to it, but how do you decide what to pick? 

The answer: write about everything. Sorta.

Let’s dive a little deeper.

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 What are you passionate about?

What could you talk about for hours? What could you do all day long? What have you been passionate about over a long period of time? There’s no wrong answer here—it’s just what you love. Whether it’s video games, movies, cars, cooking, amusement parks, beer, books…anything.

Write a list of all of your passions. 

Now write

When you are just starting out, it may be hard to know what you will enjoy writing about in the long term—and what your audience will respond to the best. So simlly write about everything on your list. Don’t worry yet about how “they” say to choose one niche and stick to it. This can be for later in the game. Right now, you are still learning what feels best for you. 

So don’t hold back. Write about all of your passions and eventually you will know what niche feels like the best answer. You will never know, though, unless you give everything a try. Just don’t be crippled by having so many passions. This is a good thing!

Once you decide

Once you feel confident about your specific niche, you may start to see your blog perform better! You may see more page views and visitors as you publish your posts because people interested in the same passion as you will follow your blog and come back to read your new posts. Since you’ll be writing in one niche now, you’ll have readers more likely to return whereas a reader who liked one of your posts before may not have been interested in another post since it was a different niche.

So now you have your niche. And as long as you publish on a regular basis and always think about how each post will offer value to your audience, you should be on your way! Think: would I want to read this as a viewer? Everything is about the audience at this point.


Have fun with your new blog. Try out different ways you present your information, try out different imagery to accompany your post, and anything else that makes it more fun and interesting. The more you enjoy writing your posts, the better they will be, the more readers will enjoy your work, the more awesome writing samples you’ll have for your portfolio, AND the better writer you will become! It’s a win-win-win-win.

Keep writing. You got this.

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