10 ways to find new clients now

You asked for it in my “Getting to Know More About You” survey, so I shall deliver. Between Twitter and my own thoughts, I wanted to share with you exactly that—how to get more clients.

Here are 10 ways to do so:

  1. Post original content consistently on social media

Social media is your friend! The internet is a gift to the universe that so many writers before us didn’t even have access to, so we want to take advantage of it.

Share original content that is valuable to your audience—make sure it teaches, entertains, or inspires and you’re on the right track. If you post good content that people are interested in and share more about your experiences, people will be interested in what you have to say and follow you. That way, you’ll be top of mind when a prospect needs what you offer.

  1. Send personalized cold emails to prospects

You could always scope out prospects and send them personalized cold emails. The key is to personalize your email, though. Nobody likes to receive a templated message where their name is just filled in. 

Take time to research your prospect and learn how you can fulfill their needs and explain that in your cold email. It takes some extra time, but your efforts won’t go unnoticed.

  1. Customize communications (emails, DMs, everything)

Similarly to number two, you want to customize everything you do. Whether you’re sending emails, DMs, texts, newsletters, or even some social media posts, you ALWAYS want to have your specific audience in mind. That way, your audience will truly feel like you are talking to them and it will be clear that you put thought into it. The more focused and personalized your messages can be, the easier it will be to connect with your audience.

  1. Grow your social network 

Similar to number one, you not only just want to post social media content, you want to grow your social network. 

There’s a platform for everyone. Don’t feel like you have to be on every platform, just do what you feel like you can maintain consistently. 

So, if you want to share written content (I recommend this as a writer), consider Twitter or LinkedIn. If you enjoy making videos, consider TikTok or YouTube. If you like photos, consider Instagram. Try a bunch and see what best fits you! 

  1. Engage with prospects and people in your field on social media

Once you begin to post original, valuable content on social media, you want to engage with prospects and others in your niche on those platforms. If all you do is post content but never interact with people, it will be difficult to meet others and get your name out there. You are also missing out on learning from others and participating in meaningful conversations. There are endless benefits of interacting with others on social media.

  1. Create Facebook groups to gather like-minded people/prospects

Some people like a more intimate setting with a Facebook group, and I think this is a great idea. In addition to your social media accounts, you can invite certain people to a Facebook group where it’s easier to interact and all gather together in a smaller space. That way, people may get to know you even better.

  1. Make your website dynamic to your audience segments if possible and/or design your website for different audience segments to speak directly to them

If you have any capabilities to customize a website visitor’s experience on your website, take advantage of it! Whether it’s dynamic banners or customer journeys, customizing any experience with your audience can help you big time because they will feel more like you’re talking directly to them. They’ll feel seen, like their problems are understood, and that you have what it takes to help them. 

  1. Make sure your rates are set appropriately to your expertise. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Some freelancers may be tempted to lower their rates if they aren’t seeing success, but I would say to just make sure they are set appropriately to your level of expertise. If your rates are too low, some clients may think you may not deliver quality content, and you wouldn’t want that. Lower rates may also attract the wrong clientele, so keep that in mind as well!

  1. Ask for referrals/testimonials to post on your website 

People like to hear about others’ experiences. When you needed a new hairdresser, did you look up their reviews? When you went to a new restaurant, did you look up reviews first? 

If you have reviews or testimonials from clients who had a positive experience with you, that could really boost your trust in prospects! 

  1. Always maintain the intention of wanting to help people

It’s clear when someone isn’t in something for the right reasons. But when you’re truly showing your intention to genuinely help people (increase website traffic, improve online presence, develop their thought leadership content, etc.), it will be noticed. Of course, we all need money to live in this world, but when the heart of why you do something is to help others and deploy kindness, good things will come your way.

Finding clients isn’t always easy. It’s a lot of work to get your name out there and properly position your services and skills. But when you have good intentions and find your greater purpose, it will feel easier to put in the work and find success. 

Also, keep up your confidence! It’s easy to feel down about your capabilities when you can’t seem to land a new client, but mindset is everything. As soon as you tell yourself you can’t do it, the likelihood of not finding success is higher. But if you’re truly determined and quitting isn’t an option, practice positive self-talk and positive thinking, and you’ll eventually find your groove. It may not be easy, it may take some time, but it’s not impossible.

Keep an open mind, never stop learning, ask questions, and keep pushing forward.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, choose just one or two tips above and start there. You don’t have to take it all on right away. 

I’m rooting for you! Let’s do this.

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