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Stop aspiring and start writing today

Robin Writers has its first ebook out in the world!! With this exciting news, I wanted to share a snippet of it with you. In the ebook, Stop Aspiring. Start Writing, I dive into how to develop the mindset and establish systems that will finally get you to start your writing goals and remain confident throughout the process.

Whether you’ve dreamed of writing a book or starting a blog, or if you’re trying to find a new job or jump into freelancing, this ebook will take you from overwhelmed and unsure to confident and organized in your approach! Enjoy.

As a side note, I also include some short fiction pieces I wrote to further illustrate the message in each section, or at least provide an escape from the chaos of life. Aside from content writing, I love writing fiction, so if you purchase the ebook, I look forward to hearing your feedback on that!

Whether you want to start freelancing, write a book, get a full-time copywriting job, start a blog…we all have to start somewhere. But something you’ll want to really nail down before you take action on your goal is to be honest with yourself and determine your “why”.

I want to challenge you with this one. Really think about your purpose and the deeper meaning behind why you want to accomplish your goal. And I’d encourage you to think deeper than simply making money. We all have to make a living, but when there’s a deeper purpose to your work than solely making money, beautiful things can happen. 

So besides the goal of making money, what else is there? Do you want to:

  • Help people? 
  • Have the freedom to express yourself creatively? 
  • Learn about a particular topic?
  • Be a part of solving a greater world or societal problem? 
  • Serve as an educational resource to others?

Dig deep and determine your purpose because with writing, the money doesn’t always come right away and if you don’t have a “why”, it’ll be very easy to give up. I truly believe that having a deeper purpose to your work helps you through the inevitable ups and downs that often comes with writing.

I think of it kind of like exercising. When you do it just because you believe you should, it’s hard to be motivated, right? But when you decide you want to do it because you want to sign up for a 5K race, or join a competition, lose weight, be more physically fit for your kids…THAT’S where everything changes for the better.

Suddenly, when you clock out of work and decide whether to go home or go to the gym first, you have a purpose. When you close your laptop for the day and decide whether to go sit on the couch or go for a run outside, you don’t have to think so hard. This is all about purpose. Having a “why” gives you a clear purpose for working out. 

Besides, why would we want to do something that we don’t know why we’re doing it? That’s why kids may push back on something you ask them to do, right? Take a nap, clean your room, do your homework, take a shower, and on and on. When they don’t care about these tasks and don’t understand why they’re important, why would they want to do them? That’s when we do our best to explain why something is important so they understand the purpose.

Determining why you want to accomplish your writing goal is very similar! 

What do you think? If you’re not sure where to start on a big writing goal, this ebook will walk you through each step to set you up to finally get you on your way to making your goal more attainable. Let’s see what you can do!

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