Becca Phengvath, Founder

I’ve been a writer my whole life. But I also knew I liked science and animals, and with the pressure of having to choose the path of my life at 18, I mushed the two together and majored in animal science. Thankfully, I minored in media and communications where I learned about how I could make writing into a career and that’s when it all clicked. Writing CAN be my career.

And writing can be your career, too.

Then, I received my master’s degree in English, took some super low-paying freelance work for experience, made a few blogs, and did everything I could do to keep writing and learning. And boy, it was not nearly as straight of a line as I had anticipated to build my career. Potential employers seemed to be stuck on my animal science background, other candidates had more professional experience than me, and there were SO many other talented writers seeking the same jobs as me. It felt impossible even though I knew I was worthy of the job.

But I am here to tell you that it IS possible, no matter how much or how little professional writing and marketing experience you have—you can absolutely achieve a successful career as a freelance writer. I will teach you all that I learned so you can achieve your dreams, too.

Some believe that a robin is a symbol of starting a new chapter in your life. Why not start now with Robin Writers?

Let’s do this.



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To provide unmatched educational and inspirational content to writers who desire to master their skills in freelance content writing and copywriting.


Robin Writers will be the go-to online resource center for freelance writers who wish to build a strong and lasting foundation to their professional writing careers.


Robin Writers operates with honesty, integrity, and respect for all races, genders, creeds, and any other walks of life. The company remains true to its dedication to bring all writers together and to support them in their professional endeavors.

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