30 Days of LinkedIn Content Prompts


Do you…

  • Want prospects to know who you are?
  • Want to show your expertise?
  • Have leads come to YOU?
  • Want to become a leader in your field?
  • Want to be top of mind for prospects for when they need a writer just like you?

It’s all possible when you build your personal brand.

“But Becca, where would I even start? What would I even write about?”

Aha! Beat ya to it. Check out my 30 days of LinkedIn content prompts I made just for you. Creating content can begin as soon as TODAY!


“They” say we need to post on social media.

“They” say we must have an online presence.

“They” say LinkedIn can get you exposure.

BUT “they” never really tell you what the heck to create!

…until now.

Sometimes it takes a little nudge to get you in the groove and that’s exactly what this guide is. It will get you through 30 whole days of LinkedIn content by prompting you on what to create for each day.

After the 30 days are up, you’ll not only feel more confident about posting on social media, but you’ll have a better idea of what you like to create and hopefully it will spark inspiration for future content!

Grab this guide to officially boost your LinkedIn journey, build your network, meet new people, connect with prospects, and grow in your freelance business! 


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