Your 5-day LinkedIn challenge

5 days that could begin your freelance business transformation

Your freelance career will thank you.

You may be thinking:

  • Why would people listen to me?
  • What would I say that someone hasn’t already said?
  • I’m just plain scared to be judged.

I’m hearing you loud and clear, and trust me when I tell you that all of these feelings are very valid, but you’d be surprised how much value you can offer your audience. 

You only have to be slightly more experienced than your target audience to make a difference and to start making content (so, literally everyone can do it; we’re all a teeeeny bit more experienced than someone out there on the internet, right?).

But don’t worry: if you’re stuck on where the heck to start and what the heck you’re going to write about online that could mean something to someone…I got you.

I present to you 5 days of LinkedIn prompts to start. Now, you’ll have one business week’s worth of content to kickstart your momentum and shake off the imposter syndrome.

No more hesitations, no more writer’s block, no more guessing what to write. It’s all right here for you!

Let’s see what you can create.

Feeling adventurous? Like you want to just jump to a whole month’s worth of content prompts? Here you are: